Barlow Street
Auto Salvage

Vehicle Collection Procedure

Barlow Street Auto Salvage pride themselves on delivering an efficient service to their customers to ensure the smooth hand over of any vehicles they are dealing with. The entire service couldn't be simpler . We will pick the car up at your convenience and provide all the necessary paper work and offer guidance with it.Simply put this is how it will go...

STEP 1 : Contact Us

To get the process rolling to scrap your car you will need to contact us either by calling us on 0161 799 2185 or simply fill in one of our Scrap My Car forms. Just fill in your personal details and as many details about your vehicle as you know. However if there isnt an option which relates directly to your car just indicate what you do know in the text box provided. If the car has suffered some accident damage then please inform us exactly where on the car it is damaged and to what extent.

STEP 2 : We Contact You

After submitting the Scrap Car Request form will contact you as soon as possible. This is to double-check the details you have given and to discuss a price for your car along with the arrangements (date/time) to collect your car.

STEP 3 : Vehicle Collection

On of our vehicle technicians will come to collect the vehicle on the agreed date and time. The vehicle technician will need to check your car to ensure it is as described he will then settle whatever the agreed payment will be. All necessary documentation will need to be handed over which will include V5 registration document (log book) and the current MOT certificate or any previous MOT's. If possible any handbooks that go with the car are always useful such as service books etc.
The log book(V5) is required to be completed by both parties which ensures that ownership is transferered to us. This is a legal requirement that ensures that you will have no further legal obligation to that vehicle .

STEP 4 :ELV Process

We the return the car to our scrap yard in Walkden, Manchester upon which a decision is made on what to do with the vehicle. If your old car is in a particular bad state of repair or is uneconical to repair, your vehicle will be stripped of any reusable parts and be depolluted. However if the vehicle is in a decent state of repair it may be repaired and then sold on.