Damage Repairables

Damged cars and vehicle salvage sometimes leaves people confused as to what vehicle salvage is and what the damage categories assigned to the vehicles actually mean. This confusion about vehicle salvage and insurance write offs  can also carry the preconception that car salvage is simply scraps of metal and or old bangers.


Vehicle salvage can vary depending on the level of damage sustained or the overall condition that the vehicle is in. The confusion can be off putting for potential buyers , however we have compiled a quick guide to the various salvage categories to help inform you if you are considering to buy a vehicle with damage.

Vehicle Salvage Definitions:

There are 5 categories to consider and these include:

Category A salvage is scrap only (ie with few or no economically salvageable parts and which is of value for its scrap metal ) eg burnouts

Category B salvage means break for spare parts if economically viable (excluding any residual scrap value)

Category C salvage are repairable total loss vehicles where repair costs including VAT exceed the vehicle's pre-accident value (PAV)

Category D salvage are repairable total loss vehicles where repair costs including VAT do not exceed the vehicle's PAV

Category X salvage has not been recorded as damaged. Definitely repairable with only minor Damage. These cars could be stolen recovered cars or minimal damaged cars and need only a small amount aof work or even none at all.

Vehicle Dismantler

When a car reaches the end of its useful life it is usually sold to a vehicle dismantler.

The CAR BREAKER or AUTO DISMANTLER will remove spare parts that can be sold for reuse, remove the potentially environmentally polluting materials such as operating fluids oils and batteries, and then sell the hulk on to a shredding operation.

Cars or vehicles that fall into this category could be cars such as MOT FAIILURES, INSURANCE WRITE OFFS, VEHICLES WHERE THE COST TO REPAIR MEANS ITS UNECONOMICAL TO KEEP.