Depollution Process

Following the introduction of the European Union Vehicle Depollution directive on the 16th July 2004, vehicles offered for destruction must be depolluted in an environmentally sensitive manner. Barlow Street Auto Salvage are an Authorised Treatment Facility and that have developed careful step by step depollution procedures to ensure the correct disposal of your vehicles to ensure that you comply with your responsibility with both environmental and vehicle legislation.

The following is a guide to what happens during the vehicle depollution process.


All liquids that may be hazardous to the environment - engine, transmission and hydraulic oils, brake fluids, engine coolants and even windscreen washer solutions are drained from the vehicle.


The car battery can contain toxic material such as acids and lead. Keeping in line with our environmentally friendly car disposal service the car's battery is removed and checked. If found to be in good condition it will be cleaned, recharged and resold, the remainding car batteries will be recycled.


The tyres are removed from the wheels and assessed for reuse. Only the quality tyres in excellent condition are considered for resale, the remainder are recycled.The wheels steel or aluminium rims are checked closely at the rim's integrity for any major or minor hairline fractures.


Frequently asked for car parts are removed from the vehicle, checked and prepared for resale. The depolluted car is then moved to the storage yard where any remaining parts can be removed at the request of the customer.


When all spare parts are exhausted the vehicle is processed into a compact rectangular bale.The metal is then collected and will be recycled